• Mauro Capella  (Torino)
    Mauro Capella (Torino)

    Mr Mauro Capella is Senior Youth Worker for the Torino. He is in charge of Torino EYC 2010 heritage and representant for Torino Municipality in the Network of European Youth Capitals. He is project manager for international project for Torino Youth Department. He is working for the Municipality since 12 years in the field of youth and cultural events. He has a master degree in communications and has worked for 10 years in the field as account, webmaster, copywriter, journalist.

  • Carlos de Sousa Santos (Braga)
    Carlos de Sousa Santos (Braga)
    Carlos de Sousa Santos is the coordinator of the Youth Programme and International Projects of FBA. Carlos de Sousa Santos was the coordinator of Braga EYC2012 Educational Programme and the Volunteering Programme of Braga EYC2012 and recently the international dimension of Braga Ibero-American Youth Capital 2016. Carlos is also responsible for the management of International events of FBA, that were focused in bringing social innovation mind-set to the City of Braga and to their Citizens. Carlos Santos is since 2015, a Social innovation external expert of OIJ – International Organization of Youth for South America, Caribe and Iberia and invited teacher of "Instituto Universitário de Investigación Ortega y Gasset", Madrid. Carlos is also involved on URBACT III Boosting Social Innovation and he is the URBACT Braga Local Group coordinator. Carlos de Sousa Santos is the Project Manager of Braga “Human Power HUB”, a new social innovation Centre that is being implemented within the framework of the Municipality of Braga and on the scope of URBACT III Boosting Social Innovation Network.
  • Eva Paula Rodrigues de Sousa (Braga)
    Eva Paula Rodrigues de Sousa (Braga)

    Eva Paula Rodrigues de Sousa, was born in Braga on July 14, 1982. She attended the Music Conservatory of the Calouste Gulbenkian School until she joined the secondary school at Carlos Amarante, in Humanities. She graduated in Law from the University of Minho and completed his training with an International MBA in Management and Finance, with specialization in Marketing from the Catholic Porto Business School. During her student career, she belonged to the student association of the Carlos Amarante School; was vice-president of the Academic Association of the University of Minho; representative of the students in the governing bodies of the University of Minho; vice-president of the Assembly of the Association of Law Students of the University of Minho; and active on a cultural group of the University of Minho. She has worked for 7 years in the banking sector and has started to work as an advisor to the Councillor for Sport, Youth, Associative movement, Health and Welfare in 2013. She has been leading several projects in the Youth area, such as the Young Creators Prize, Captain Apple, Young Talent Award, Youth City Council, "You decide" Budget, as well as URBACT II – My Generation@WorkNetwork and URBACT III - Boosting Social Innovation, Erasmus +, among others.

  • András Farkas (Cluj Napoca)
    András Farkas (Cluj Napoca)

    András is the co-founder and project manager of the PONT Group, an NGO established in Cluj-Napoca in 2009 working in the field of social innovation through participation, entrepreneurship and culture. Through its NGO’s activity, András was involved in the initiation and coordination of the successful bid of Cluj-Napoca for the European Youth Capital title of 2015. Since then he has been actively involved in creating youth-related urban programmes and networks such as the executive coordination of the Network of European Youth Capitals, the initiation and technical coordination of the Romanian Youth Capital National programme and the coordination and extension of Com’On, the participatory budgeting mechanism launched in Cluj-Napoca and under extension at national level through Com’On Romania and at European level through Com’On Europe. He likes to mentor young entrepreneurs and is found of commercial aircrafts of all types (including watching their routes on Flightradar24).

  • Sergey Petrov (Varna)
    Sergey Petrov (Varna)

    Sergey Petrov has Bachelor degree in Political science, and Master degree in International relations and security. He is head of the Youth political science association in Bulgaria. Author of scientific publications and often is called for opinion by the local and national medias. Has work experience in political consulting and political management. He is founder of local NGO “Rise for Varna”. This year was elected with most of the votes in the new Local youth consultative council, representing the Association for democratic development. He is working for Varna – European youth capital association as Youth policy and partnerships Expert and he is coordinating one of the three teams in the organisation, that is responsible for youth participation, volunteering, international communication, relations with NGO`s, students, schools, and the local authorities.

  • Mircho Hristov (Varna)
    Mircho Hristov (Varna)

    Mircho Hristov is executive director of Varna European Youth Capital Association. He is active in the youth field since 2009, being co-founder of several youth organisations and non-formal youth groups, trainer and project expert. He was board member of National Youth Forum - Bulgaria for 3 years (2013,2014,2015), responsible for education and youth employment. In 2013 he chaired the newly established Advisory Council on Youth to the Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality and co-chaired the Public Council to the Governor of Stara Zagora Region in 2014. He was member of the working group on Youth employment to the European Youth Forum, which was analysing the implementation of Youth Guarantee in all EU countries. He was the first manager of International youth center for youth at risk, the only Bulgarian center certified with quality label by the Council of Europe and played leading role in the process of achieving this prestigious recognition.

  • Cláudia Fernando (Cascais)
    Cláudia Fernando (Cascais)

    Currently collaborates with the Municipality of Cascais as project manager in the youth and employability departments, having been directly involved in the application of Cascais for European Youth Capital 2018. With a degree in Economics, started her professional activity in the field of international cooperation for development but focused more in the youth sector, where she started her activity nearly twenty years ago as youth worker. For several years was also active member and part of the staff of Rota Jovem, a local youth association in Cascais. She is also international trainer in the field of non-formal education, having worked with several international organizations and platforms and at national level was a member of the Portuguese National Youth Council Pool of Trainers. In the frame of her work in the Municipality, has been involved in several projects in the field of youth participation, including management of volunteering programs, international mobility projects, being also part of the cross-sectorial team implementing Cascais Youth Participatory Budget project.

  • Miguel Narciso (Cascais)
    Miguel Narciso (Cascais)

    Miguel is a believer and a dreamer. His aim is to transform the world and make it a better place. He trusts that in every adult continues to exist an eternal child and that as you grow up you only add new experiences but you never loose what you were. Perhaps because of this, the area of education and work with children and young people has always aroused his interest, which made him take the degree and master's degree in Educational Psychology. He continued his role as a student and returned to university to take on Architecture, something that he feels completes his career. All initiatives and projects that are to give young people more voice, to encourage their participation and to empower them on a wide range of subjects, will have his support. That’s why currently he collaborates with the Town Hall’s Citizenship and Participation Division and coordinates Cascais Youth Participatory Budget project.

  • Željko Milovanovič (Maribor)
    Željko Milovanovič (Maribor)

    Željko Milovanovič, youth programs manager at MKC Maribor, responsible for the EYC 2013 legacy and Mladi Maribor – a local youth-sector platform. He graduated in political science and is mainly interested in managing youth, social, and cultural projects, as well as web and visual communications. From 2006 to 2010 he conducted numerous youth seminars to encourage active participation among young people. Since 2010 he has been professionally involved in web communications. In 2011 he took over management of web communications for the project MARIBOR 2012 – European Capital of Culture. In 2011 he was involved developing an international dance platform for deaf young people, entitled “Heartbeat Hears the Beat”. In 2012 Željko joined the Association for the Development of Film Culture as a production advisor and development producer. Under the sponsorship of the project Maribor 2013 EYC he developed a program for young photographers called European Photo Youth Capital (EPYC). The same year he also worked on the youth video production program SNEMAMO! In 2013 he designed an international platform to teach animated film, entitled ENIMATION. In cooperation with the Sonda Foundation Željko managed the interdisciplinary art incubator GT22 until 2015.

  • Nina Roškar (Maribor)
    Nina Roškar (Maribor)

    Nina Roškar is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist who collaborates with a cultural workers' cooperative named Kooperativa PERON. She handles copyright, and programming, and does further work for Com'On Europe. She graduated from the University of Ljubljana in ethnology and cultural anthropology in 2011. In 2010 she did fieldwork as part of a research team in Bosnia and Herzegovina on historic and contemporary ethnic relations, coproducing an international exhibition in Sarajevo for the University of Ljubljana and University of Sarajevo. She was a co-researcher in a project on the work competences of migrant workers, refugees, and asylum seekers in the region of Maribor in 2012; a co-researcher in an arts&crafts research project for production of a Slovenian arts&crafts database from 2011-2012; a worker in the co-production project Teleport for the development of the community bicycle centre BikeLab, as well as for sustainable mobility development, promotion, and advocacy from 2012 – 2014; a consultant with the Centre for Alternative and Autonomous Production and a coordinator for a project on developing cooperatives by socially endangered target groups in 2013. Beside leading the Association for the Support of Radio Marš, a community radio station, she worked on the project "Strengthening Self-Organized Communities for Direct Democracy and Codetermination" to introduce participatory budgeting in Maribor in 2014-2016

  • Babis Papaioannou (Thessaloniki)
    Babis Papaioannou (Thessaloniki)

    Babis Papaioannou is a youth worker based in Thessaloniki. He is one of the pioneers of youth working in Greece with a Master Degree on "European Youth Policies" (University of Macedonia, Greece). He is a full time employee of the General Secretariat for Youth in Greece and he is an expert on building youth policy in local level. From Jan 2013 until May 2015 he was the Coordinator of Thessaloniki EYC 2014. In the period 2000 - 2002 he was the first Greek that elected as bureau member of the European Youth Forum. He is specialized on youth active participation, social networking and building youth policy in local level. He has particular action in South East Europe. He participates and coordinates youth networks in Europe and Greece and participates in a number of congresses, activities and seminars all over the world on the subjects of youth, participation and culture.

  • Stefanos Katsoulis
    Stefanos Katsoulis

    Stefanos Katsoulis is a PhD student at the University of Macedonia (UoM) in Thessaloniki, in the field of the Law of International Economic Organizations and a senior student at the Faculty of Law of the AUTH. He holds an MA in International Economic Relations and a BA in International and European Economic Studies of UoM. He is a member of the Research and Implementation Group of the "I Have Rights" Erasmus+ Programme (AUTH) and of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project "Discourses on European Union & Human Rights" (Kalliopi Koufa Foundation on International and Human Rights Law). He is also a research assistant to the "UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Policy" of UoM. Being actively involved in the civil society sector, he serves as the President of Thessaloniki Youth Club for UNESCO. His research interests focus on the legal framework of the regional trade agreements; the law of the international organizations, as well as the international protection of human rights and UNESCO issues.