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The GOAL of COM’ON Europe during is to create an open source framework for European cities in implementing participatory budgeting processes, which target young people not just as creators and initiators but also as decision makers themselves It also aims to create a platform for cooperation between cities which applied or are willing to apply similar processes in the near future. The project aims to reach these goals until June 2019.


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  • The White Paper
    The White Paper
    The White Paper on Participatory Budgeting for Youth in Europe is a framework document created in the context of the recently launched initiative called COM’ON Europe - European Platform of Participatory Budgeting for Youth
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  • Elena Ciupercă
    It was 3 days full of new things that learnt about PB process. I realized that this process it is very important for our communities, and I'm very happy for being here with this amazing people. Thank you all for sharing the ideas with us.
    Elena Ciupercă
    Cluj Napoca City Hall
  • Oana Almăsan
    This has been a great experence seeing how much attention youth are going to get set so much energy, good energy getting set for great projects! I'm looking forward to helping all these projects get life and I'll enjoy it every step of the way!
    Oana Almăsan
    participatory budgeting expert, ASU
  • Örs Szokolay
    I hope this about to change the world would leave us to the next level of democracy. Some years from now, finishing this project members of this wonderful community will realise that the future has started... Go on Com'On!
    Örs Szokolay
    urban planning expert