Field of Expertise

Citizen Y currently provides key expertise and resources on the following main topics of interest:

1. Urban and Regional Youth Strategies and Action Plans

We provide expertise and solutions for innovative ways in setting up medium-term youth strategies and short-term youth action plans especially within cities, urban areas or regions.

2. Consultation Mechanisms with Young People

We provide new approaches in creating and consolidating youth dialogue processes especially at local and regional level through new formats and ways of engagement and combining solutions of physical interactions enhanced by digital solutions.

3. Participatory Budgeting for Youth

The Centre provides a theory background, tools and study cases on how to initiate, plan, deploy, implement and consolidate participatory budgeting for youth. We provide expertise through an integrated framework involving policies, tools for implementation and existing models implemented by cities.

4. Thematic Urban Youth Programmes

While the medium and long-term strategic approach is inevitable in deploying effective urban development processes, the power and value of thematic, short-term youth programmes has been proven. The European Youth Capital and various national youth capital titles and thematic programmes delivered under these frameworks delivered consensus and increased, integrated but still organic cooperation of various stakeholders and set the ground for long-term development of youth friendly ecosystems, too. 

5. Urban Development and Sustainability

I fifth, newly added layer aims to focus the work of cities regarding young people from the point of view of sustainability taking Sustainable Development Goals as a reference point in this matter. This layer looks beyond short and medium-term approaches and addresses long term urban envisioning while focusing on what needs to be done today regarding and with young people in order for that vision to be fulfilled.

The Citizen Y Resource Centre builds its expertise on the Spectrum of Public Participation model created by the International Association of Public Participation.